The Surrogacy Process

From choosing a surrogate mother to the birth of your baby, we make the surrogacy process easy.

Choosing a gestational surrogate is just one step in the surrogacy journey. In order to build your family with surrogacy, you'll need to take a complex sequence of steps. Often these steps are managed by you, the intended parent.

The process typically includes a fertility center, a surrogacy agency, the surrogate mother, a law firm, an escrow company - the list goes on and on. Even with a well-chosen group of professionals, much of the burden falls on the intended parent.

However, the Illinois Center for Surrogacy offers a decidedly different surrogacy model. We perform the role of physician and concierge. This places us at the center of the process, so you can focus on your future family. Our surrogacy advocates provide the support you need through every step of the surrogacy journey, including the selection of a surrogate mother and management of your match.

We've outlined the process below, and invite you to take advantage of a free consultation for more information.

The surrogacy process, step by step.

The Illinois Center for Surrogacy offers free consultations with our expert surrogacy advocates. Learn more about finding a surrogate mother, surrogacy costs and the benefits of family building through surrogacy in Illinois.
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