Is Surrogacy for Me?

Is Gestational Surrogacy Right for Me?

Perhaps you didn’t expect to need the help of a surrogate mother, but you are now confronted with the important question: "Is gestational surrogacy right for me?" Surrogacy is an extraordinary experience for families who are unable to have a child of their own. For LGBT families, single parents or families with a medical need, gestational surrogacy offers modern families a path to parenthood, and we are privileged to join you on the journey.

Surrogacy for LGBT Families
We're proud to provide family-building opportunities for gay families in Illinois and around the world.
Surrogacy Vs. Adoption
Surrogacy provides additional biological options for intended parents, including gender selection.
Surrogacy Success Stories
Surrogacy truly is an extraordinary process, and it's an honor to share some of the feedback our patients have shared.

We realize that building a family through gestational surrogacy can be a complex, emotionally challenging and costly endeavor. It is our strong belief that well-educated intended parents become happy parents. We encourage you to explore your options and ask questions. Our team of award-winning physicians and dedicated surrogacy advocates will guide you through every step of the process -- from the moment you begin, through to the birth of your baby. Let the journey begin!

How Long Does Surrogacy Take?

The average surrogacy journey, including pregnancy, takes about 17 months from start to finish. The length of time can vary depending on whether you use an egg donor, the success of medical procedures and other logistics.

Our convenient timeline calculator helps estimate how long your individual surrogacy journey will take. Our unique streamlined process is designed for a faster and easier experience, with intended parents typically traveling to Illinois only twice during the process.

The Illinois Center for Surrogacy offers free consultations with our expert surrogacy advocates. Learn more about finding a surrogate mother, surrogacy costs and the benefits of family building through surrogacy in Illinois.
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